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The Andersons E85

The Andersons E85 Delivered vs. UNL87 Retail

The Andersons average E85 delivered cost vs average UNL87 PADD2 retail price. (5cpg used as average freight on E85 Delivery) This graph is based on EIA Midwest average gasoline prices and E85 price from our Albion, Michigan plant.

Example: In the first half of 2018, retailers purchased E85 from The Andersons at $0.92/gallon, lower than retail price of UNL87. Most retailers sell E85 at a 30-70 cent discount to UNL87 price therefore providing a20 -60 cents a gallon added margin over UNL87. This helps to attract more consumers due to the posted E85 price thereby increasing inside sales.

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