The Andersons Difference

Quality Assurance Program

When you buy E85 from The Andersons, it is guaranteed that you are receiving high quality E85 from a reliable producer.

  • Our E85 blends are sampled and tested regularly by a third-party laboratory
  • Our E85 blends meet all federal specifications as directed by ASTM D5798
  • Our E85 blends meet the ASTM Reid Vapor Pressure specific range requirement for each of the four classes (Class 1 for warmer weather, Class 2 and 3 for cooler weather and Class 4 for cold weather)
  • We use only state of the art computerized blending equipment set at tight perimeters to assure an accurate blend
  • We have been providing quality E85 to retailers for over 10 years
  • In addition to our quality, we sell our E85 at a competitive price and we can deliver partial or full loads to your location

Why E85 from The Andersons?

  • Buy direct from ethanol producer
  • 4 Ethanol plants offering E85 in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Iowa
  The Andersons currently has E85 supply options in the following states:
  Alabama Iowa Ohio
  Connecticut Kentucky Pennsylvania
  DC Maryland South Carolina
  Delaware Michigan South Dakota
  Florida Missouri Tennessee
  Georgia Nebraska Virginia
  Illinois New Jersey West Virginia
  Indiana New York  
  • Computer blended to .01% accuracy
  • 24/7 load access at all plants
  • Prices sent via DTN and email, online delivery ordering system open 24 hours a day, supported on internet connected, IPhone, Android, Tablets and PC’s

The Andersons Ethanol

The Andersons investment in ethanol is a natural extension of our core business competencies in grain operations, corn originations, and commodity processing. We are a significant investor in, as well as manage the operations of, The Andersons Marathon Holdings LLC, located in Albion, MI; Logansport, IN; Greenville, OH; and Denison, IA. Each year these facilities collectively produce 475 million gallons of ethanol, 60 million gallons of finished E85, and 100 million pounds of corn oil. The Andersons and ICM have partnered to build a state of the art advanced ethanol plant currently under construction in Colwich Kansas. Visit for more info.

About The Andersons

The Andersons grows enduring relationships through extraordinary service, a deep knowledge of the market and a knack for finding new ways to add value as we have done for more than 70 years. Publicly traded since 1996 (NASDAQ: ANDE), today The Andersons is a diversified company conducting business across North America in the commodity trading, ethanol, and plant nutrient, railcar sectors. For more information, visit