Why Flex-Fuel?

Top Reasons to Carry E85

  • With only 4,500 stations offering E85 nationwide, carrying E85 will differentiate your store from competition
  • You can increase your profit margin while lowering the price of fuel to the consumer
  • Offering E85 attracts new customers, which increases fuel and in-store sales
  • Most municipal vehicles such as police, fire and city maintenance are flex-fuel vehicles. Federally regulated fleets that operate FFVs MUST use E85 fuel that is located within 5 miles or 15 minutes from your station
  • E85 is commonly sold at a strong discount to unleaded gasoline
  • There are nearly 24 million flex-fuel vehicles on the road, with more being produced every day
  • Installing E85 helps to prepare your station for future blends (i.e. E15 and E25)
  • E85 is better for the environment by reducing tailpipe emissions up to 30% compared to traditional gasoline, which appeals to the environmental consumer with flex-fuel vehicles
  • Installing E85 can be an affordable investment
  • Infrastructure funds may be available, contact us for more information
  • You can buy directly from The Andersons, an ethanol producer, which removes middleman markups and reduces your delivered E85 cost
  • Delivery to your station is available, contact us for more information
  • E85 Inventory Management (a major convenience) available at no cost, contact us for more information

Top Reasons to Offer E15 to Your Customers

  • Most retailers that offer E15 are now labeling signs & dispensers as offering UNLEADED88 (aka 88 Octane)
  • E15 is safe and approved by US EPA for all 2001 and newer cars, trucks and SUV’s
  • Automakers explicitly approve E15 for more than 93% of new 2019 vehicles
  • Almost 90% of 2018 models are legally approved and have warranty coverage for E15 by the manufacturer, including Fiat Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Kia
  • These model years represent more than 90% of vehicles on the road today
  • It is estimated that American drivers have logged over 6,000,000,000 miles (that’s 6 Billion miles) on the E15 without a single reported case of engine damage, misfuelling or inferior performance
  • Currently available in 29 states and growing
  • There is no noticeable difference between the mileage achieved when using E15 and the mileage when operating on E10
  • E15 will be the lowest-cost fuel available for non-FFV 2001 & newer vehicles, typically selling for 3 – 10 cents a gallon less than Regular Unleaded (E10)
  • E15 typically has an octane rating of 88, but at a lower cost than regular unleaded. This gives the retailer a lower priced fuel on the price sign, and lures in additional customers
  • Not only are there increased margin opportunities with E15, but you could easily become the price setter in your area on a product your competition does not offer
  • It has been proven that E15 does not replace existing E10 gallons, it attracts new customers, overall fuel volumes are up at every station offering E15 today
  • If you want more customers inside your store, higher ethanol blends like E15 can help
  • The cost of upgrading an existing retail gas station to sell E15 can be substantially less than recently suggested by ethanol opponents

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